Journal 10-9

In the film Smoke Signals the friendship between Victor and Thomas definitely changes. In the beginning of the film Victor gets really annoyed by Thomas’ stories and is really bothered by him. All through the film Thomas just wants to be a good friend to Thomas. Especially when they are travelling to Phoenix Thomas tries to be social and talk with Victor. Victor seems to not enjoy him coming along with him to Phoenix. Victor later finds out that his father saw Thomas and he took him into custody. This really started to open doors into their friendship. With this connection that was made Victor started to believe in him and trust him. It is definitely seen in the scene with the car accident that they are involved in. Victor decides to go get help and tells Thomas to stay put, which he does. The next day we find that Victor has had a long night and is in the hospital. Thomas is there to help him with anything he may need. Then they get Victor’s fathers truck and drive back to the reservation. Victor sees that their friendship has improved drastically and decides to let Thomas hold onto his father’s ashes. In the end, I do believe that their friendship became more of a brotherhood than it was before.

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Journal 9-4

Journal 9-4

                        In The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven, one of Alexie’s alter egos is Thomas Builds-the-Fire. He is considered the storyteller of the Spokane tribe. In the short story, “The Trial of Thomas Builds-the-Fire”, the Spokane tribal BIA officials are holding Thomas captive. In this story Thomas is taken to trial to tell his side of all these stories that are involved in this case. The people of the jury and of the court were probably really annoyed by his stories since people on the reservation avoid him and his stories.

The world is filled with many storytellers like Thomas Builds-the-Fire. People like him who tend to tell stories repeat many things over and over. This may be why people avoid him on the reservation. He may just tell too much and it may get to the point where the tribe members just want to leave and not listen anymore.

In my opinion, I believe that children and the young adolescent when they tell stories they don’t always give the whole scoop. They may be leaving out key details. This is probably why the others on the reservation avoid him due to his age.

The people in my opinion who can tell the best stories and never leave out a single detail are the elders of our society. For instance, our grandparents are the best. They have been through so much so they can tell very good and interesting stories. So people just stay intrigued not avoids that person.

I definitely think it has to do with age like I have mentioned. Thomas Builds-the-Fire is at the age where it is hard to tell if his actually telling the truth. That is why I believe people on the reservation avoid him and his stories.

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Journal 8-6

Journal 8-6

                      Throughout the novel The Lone Ranger And Tonto Fistfight In Heaven, there is a common occurrence of alcoholism. Yes, many people are drinking heavily to the point where they are passing out and having destructive behavior because of it. Alexie has been criticized for this by putting it in his novel. I believe that he is using it because of the Indian culture. If he wouldn’t of used drinking in his novel then it would of seemed like a specific value of the culture would be missing.

It’s like if we took away something specific from our culture like animals. For instance, many of us around the country and worldwide are eating different types of animals and destroying different animal environments and animals are becoming extinct. Without trees we would not be able to live a healthy and stable life. We would probably not even be able to stay alive. There are many things that are important to our culture that we couldn’t get rid of or it would just ruin our culture.

For Alexie, getting rid of his details about alcoholism would definitely change the meaning of his story. Without this Indian custom placed in the book, it would be missing a key component of Indians’ lives. It would seem as if they live happy lives compared to miserable and hard lives. It gives a lot more emotion to the story. Overall, without the theme of drinking in this novel I feel that it would be taking out a key component of Indian culture.

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